Let’s find the best cabro price in Kenya. Cabro, also known as paving blocks, is a popular construction material in Kenya. It is commonly used for driveways, walkways, and parking lots. If you’re planning a construction project that involves cabro, you might be wondering, what is the price of cabro?

In this particular article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about cabro price in Kenya.

Cabro price in Kenya

Factors that affect cabro price in Kenya.

First let’s look at the factors that Affect the Price of Cabro in Kenya: The price of Cabro in Kenya can vary depending on a few factors. These include:
Size: There are three sizes of cabro paving blocks as described in the product section of our website namely; 50mm thick, 60 mm thick &80mm thick.

It is the thickness of the paving block that determines the strength and recommended application of each cabro paving block.

  • Color: There are two types of cabro blocks, those that are colored and those that are normal grey / plain grey. Color determines cabro price in Kenya. It goes without saying that the colored cabro blocks are priced higher than the normal grey paving blocks due to the nature of the decorative production process.
  • Shape: Cabro designs however do not affect the price of cabro. Al the three sizes above all come in different shapes & this doesnt change their price, let no one lie to you . Likewise, all colors come in different designs.
  • Location: The price of Cabro can vary depending on your location due to a difference in delivery costs . A customer in Nairobi & a 40km radius will likely get a lower rate with us as compared to that of a client outside Nairobi.

In conclusion, the cabro price in Kenya can vary depending on several factors, including location, size and shape, and color. By understanding these factors first, you can now confidently reach out to us on 0701284878 for a quote &site visit if necessary.

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